Thursday, March 8, 2012


  • $240.00 (Sephora, QVC)


A unique cream that helps improve the appearance of your skin's firmness while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Made for all skin types.  82% of users reported an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, 70% reported their skin is firmer, and 85% reported their skin had a better glow.  It has a special delivery system to penetrate your epidermis with DMAE contour cream to give you a more glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated appearance with increased firmness, tightness, and tone. It also includes vitamin C ester, a more powerful form of vitamin C.


I was extremely disappointed in this product!  They are calling this liquid gold. In my opinion, that is a lot of hype.  The claims were exciting as it promised to deliver everything that someone with aging skin would want. The smell of the product is not pleasant as it smells like fish, but only for a minute or two.  It does go away.  The firming ingredient in this is called DMAE.  It is found in fish oil and that is where the smell comes from.  That is something I could get over if the product worked for me.  I used it twice a day and used the entire bottle.  I did not see anything change.  Considering how much I paid for it, I was disappointed.  I realize that all products don't work for everyone.  Maybe it starts working with continued use, but I cant afford to find out.  I definitely would not purchase this again, however would be willing to try some of the other products in the Perricone line.


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  1. I bought PERRICONE MD NEUROPEPTIDE FACIAL CREAM along with two jars of Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer through a special deal on QVC. I have had excellent results the last five years using skincare by Skinn Cosmetics, but just wanted to try something else. Big mistake!

    My skin is not at all sensitive. But within a few days of using the Perricone products, my face looked like I had used a belt sander on it--red, angry, dehydrated, painful, terrible! I stopped for several days, then tried using again, only to have the same results. Besides coating my face with healing ingredients I also started taking Benedryl in case there was an allergic component.

    A thorough search on the internet failed to turn up any reviews that were anything but positive--Hmmmm. Finally I did find one site with loads of reviews that told of similar results to what I had experienced. Some had problems immediately (like me) and others started having problems after an extended period of use.

    Many of these reviews involved people who were receiving their product directly from Perricone. They all complained about finding no way to contact customer service, no way to stop deliveries or get refunds, and many eventually had to contact their bank or credit card company to get the charges to stop.

    This makes me wonder if Perricone uses a service that scrubs all negative feedback about their products or company from the internet.

    The Perricone skincare products I tried were worse than ineffectual, they were harmful!

    That said, I must admit that I love Perricone's No Foundation Foundation Serum. It gives my skin the best finish of any foundation I have ever used.