Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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Corrector is pink or peach based to neutralize under-eye darkness and is designed to be used before concealer.  It is long wearing and brightens dark circles.  It is easy to blend and will not crease.  Corrector is infused with skin

conditioners to protect the delicate under eye area.  Use daily or just when you need extra coverage.  It is designed to be layered under Bobbie Browns yellow - based Creamy Concealer shade.



This has been a really good product for covering my dark under eye circles.  It goes on extremely smooth and really covers well.   It has just the right amount of thickness to also cover any other imperfections. It works the best with a really good moisturizer first.  It is sold with the idea that you use it in conjunction with the concealer, and a little of the yellow powder that comes with it,  but for my skin, adding anything else on top of this would make it too thick and cakey.  I apply it after my foundation.  I use my fingers

or a concealer brush and tap it in lightly.  You don't need a lot because it is thick and if you put too much it will crease.  The yellow powder would probably prevent this but that is too much product around the eyes for me.  A younger person could probably get away with using the corrector, concealer, and the yellow powder.  The shades are all peach or pink which doesn't seem like it would work to cover, but these colors cancel out the purple/blue of blood vessels visible through the skin.  This corrector also works quite well on age spots, acne scars and discoloration.  This is a great product!  

JUST FYI:   I have also learned that green and yellow correctors cover red marks, and lavender can even out sallow or yellowish tones.  

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  1. I've seen those yellow and green ones at the store but I was scared to get them cause I didn't think they would work. Good to know they do! :)