Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Does this ever happen to you?  

You put your makeup on in the morning and you feel pretty good about it.  I mean, we're not makeup artists, but we know what we're doing, right?  One last look in the bathroom mirror before we are off to work.  Wow, I should be a makeup artist!  Only to open your compact at your desk to see a totally different look.  What happened?



Most people do not look good under fluorescent lighting. This harsh, unflattering light casts a greenish-blue hue that changes the way colors look, gives your skin a washed-out sickly appearance, and makes small imperfections more noticeable.  GREAT!!  I started doing some research on this to find out the dos and dont's for makeup at the office. This is what I found out:

Foundation Makeup 

Wear a foundation makeup that has warm golden undertones to counteract the cool tones of the fluorescent lights.  Avoid foundation with pink tones because it will make your face look muddy.  

Cheeks and Lips

Colors like pink and red are enhanced by fluorescent lights and can appear too bright.  Stick with warm, natural shades, like peach, or rose for your blush color and apply it sparingly.  Use sheer lipstick or gloss in medium tones on your lips for a natural look.  Earth tone colors, like taupe or beige, look muddy under fluorescent lighting. 

Eye Makeup 

Apply your eye makeup carefully because too much color or sharply defined lines can look harsh under fluorescent lights. Choose light eye makeup colors, such as rose, gold and peach, to avoid looking garish.  Avoid blues and grays because these colors tend to look washed out and dull.  Use black eyeliner and mascara sparingly because it can look too harsh. You can use brown eyeliner or combination of brown and black mascara for a more natural look.

Skip the Bronzer

Even though you want to warm up your face, avoid bronzing it!  Fluorescent lights enhance the orange hue within the bronzer, which will make you look like an oompa loompa.  Instead, use a natural shade of blush to add warmth and life to your face.

Fake a Little Moisture

Using a cream blush instead of a powder can add a little bit of creaminess to your skin.  Also, dab some clear gloss over your lipstick to make your lips look plump, and try cream highlighters to give your cheeks a little bit of dewiness.

Invest in a makeup mirror that has an "office setting"  (Conair's Illumina lighted mirror)

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