Friday, May 4, 2012


$2.99 ULTA

Ardell Individual Eyelashes - Short Black.Opens in a new window


Wear the closest thing to natural lashes with exclusive, knot-free Duralash Naturals. They are permanent curled, waterproof, weightless, and easy to apply. They're so comfortable you can wear them up to six weeks at a time. Each package contains 56 individual lashes perfect for filling in sparse areas of your lashline. 


I love wearing these individual lashes!  They are so much easier to put on than strip lashes.  They take minutes to put on and they really enhance your real lashes.  They come in short, medium, and long.  Some packages have all 3 sizes in one pack.  I have found that it is a waste of money to buy those as I only use the short ones.  The others are just too long and look crazy.  Maybe some mediums on the outside corners of the eyes, but really the short ones work the best.
I use Duo Lash Glue to put them on in white.  I like the white because it drys clear and if you make a mistake it wont show.  The black glue shows up and can look like clumps of mascara all over your lashes.  You just need tweezers to pick up the lashes, dip the end in the glue, and place as close to the lash line a possible.  Then just tap the top of it with your finger to keep it in place.  You are supposed to wait for the glue to get tacky
before placing them, but I never do with the individuals.  They are so easy! You don't have to wear mascara with these, but I always put them on after applying one or two coats.  Ardell has a video on how to put them on, but my favorite video on this is on pinterest (Lauren Conrad). You can reuse these if you remove them properly and clean them.  They claim you can wear them six weeks at a time, but I take them off after each use.  I love them! 




  1. Considering how hard of a time I have with the regular long strips of falsies, I need to add these to my MUST TRY list. I think these look much more doable. :) Thanks for your review!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings