Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Tantowel Self Tan Towelette Packets, Fair to Medium Skin Tones


Tantowel is the simple, convenient self-tanning towelette. Once you try it, you'll never go back to messy tanning creams, foams, or bottles! No streaking, odor or mess. Tantowel is the original self-tanning towelette.

Each Tantowel towelette is concentrated with a self-tanning formula (DHA) to give you a quick and even application with no streaking, odor or skin discoloration. Tantowel can be applied to the face or body and will produce a uniform, natural looking glow within 3 hours. For a deeper tan, apply another Tantowel towelette after 3 hours, or try Tantowel Plus for deeper, darker tanning. To maintain your tan, apply Tantowel 2 to 3 times weekly.


IMG 35211 225x300 A First Timers Guide to Self Tanning with TanTowel P.S. Its Super Easy!This is the easiest self tanning product I have ever used.  It's like an oversized baby wipe that comes in a package and you just wipe it anywhere you want to be tan.  The cloth is really saturated with the tanning solution, so you will want to do your hands and feet last, as there will be less product left on the towel.  I normally use 2 tantowels for one application.  I love that this can be used on your face, and I have never had any problems with irritation or breakouts.  You do have to use this for a few days to get a nice tan even though the claims say 3 hours.  It's really quick and easy and drys in seconds.  The only con for this is that it is kind of expensive for what you get.  You need to use a lot of packages to get and maintain your tan.  It also has that self tanning smell even though they claim it doesn't.  But other than that I think its great!  Exfoliate first and use baby wipes on the palms of your hands when you are done!!  Your tan will last about one week.

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