Monday, June 11, 2012




Get your glow on. This rich, warm, golden moisturizing oil slowly sinks into the skin, helping dry and dull skin look and feel luscious and glowing.

  • 8 fl. oz. First-Pressed Olive Oil Replenishing Body Oil
  • Helps replenish the moisture in dry/stressed skin
  • Enriched with first-pressed olive oil, olive leaf extract and hydrating lipids
  • Helps skin look and feel younger and deeply hydrated


This is the best body moisturizer I have ever used.  It is extremely hydrating and I love the way it smells.  It is an oil so I usually pour it into my hand over the sink in case it drips.  Rub your hands together and then apply it on your body.  


You know the feeling of your skin when you have been on the beach and have had oil on all day?  This is how this makes your skin feel.  It's not greasy, it just makes your skin feel very soft and deeply hydrated.  Hours after you have put it on, if you run your hand across your arm, you can still feel the moisture on your skin.  If feels like it goes deep into the layers of the skin.  It will also accentuate a tan and give your skin a dewy sheen.
The only negatives about this are the price and although I love the scent of this, it is strong and my husband said he does not like it.

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